Pahpir Gizeh Biru

Rp8,000 Rp7,840

Jual Pahpir Gizeh Biru, pahpir berkualitas tinggi impor, pembakaran normal tidak merusak aroma dan rasa tembaku, cocok untuk anda yang perduli akan kualitas dan gengsi

Weight: 21.0 g/m
Size: 35.8 x 68 mm
Regular Burning
GIZEH ORIGINAL is a fine rolling paper with a basis weight of 21.0 g/m and a natural starch based gum strip.
The paper is easy to roll and ensures unadulterated flavour. It burns normally and does not usually go out when it is not being smk.



jual pahpir / papir / rolling paper gizeh biru Sangat berkualitas / booklet isi 50 lembar 35.8 x 68 mm impor pembakaran regular


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